A good place to start is in the Character Art Gallery or Furcadian Portrait Art Gallery.

Praise for Safiye's Furcadian Art

"Safiye is one of our masters of animation in Furcadia, and it certainly shows here...one of the nicest animated sequences I've ever seen in Furcadia." -Felorin, announcing the winners of the Summer 2009 Master-level dream competition

"Omg, COMMISSION HER NAO. It's very hard to come by a realistic human port artist who's actually good with remapping, but Safiye steals the cake!"
-Sadil, on the FAZ commission review forums

"reallyreallyreally good realism artist. very sweet person to work with and makes sure she gets your character right."
-Sync/Sana, on the FAZ commission review forums

"In all honesty. You are the greatest DSer and DS instructor I have ever met in all of my years in Furc. You have taught me more in the last couple of month than I have known about DS since 99 or 2000 when I started. You've been keeping me up on all the new stuff, as well as taking me to school on the old. You know it all back and forth and any problems I have you're on top of within minutes of me asking."
-Thomas Ta Scathach, Co-Rah of Urraim