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Tue, 06 January 2009

Commissions Closed

I'm closing commissions again indefinitely while I attempt to devote more attention to personal creative projects. I will of course be honoring all commissions currently on my list.

In the meanwhile, look for a major tutorial series to be launched on this site in the next few weeks, complete with videos.

Wed, 05 November 2008

Site Redesign

I'm settling in in my new place, and now my site has a whole new look, too! Please report any bugs or broken links if you run across them.


Fri, 24 October 2008

Portrait Commissions Restarting in Two Weeks

I will be moving to a new state on November 1st. As soon as I am settled in there, I will be reopening commissions for portraits. At that time my pricing structure will undergo some slight changes as well. Reserve your slot now!

For the most part I will not be accepting new patch commissions. These requests will be examined on a case by case basis, but please don't get your hopes too high.

Around the same time yet another site redesign will be under way. So much excitement!

Sat, 02 August 2008

Title: Commissions Closing

I am currently working three jobs. One on weekdays, one on weekday evenings, and one on weekends.

Therefore, I am closing commissions until at least September. If your name is not already on my commission list, I'm sorry. I look forward to being able to work with all of you again in the future, but now is not the time.

In the meanwhile, I'm confident recommending Mousesongs or Dav Harpshire for all your artistic needs.

Wed, 18 June 2008

Winning Dream Entry

The awards for Jujinka's 2008 Spring Festival Contest were announced last week, and my Animation Safari dream was given first place in the regular dream category! Apparently this means that from now on, I'll be required to enter only in the Master's category. Yikes!

Thanks to everyone who whispered their support. It was much appreciated!

If you're curious to see it, it will still be uploaded at this address for another week or two: furc://festival13/

Mon, 19 May 2008

Spam Bots

Hi all,

I was having a terrible problem with spam bots posting links to unsavory websites in the comments of all my news items. Every ten minutes I'd have to log in and clean up all the spam. To address this problem, I've installed a script which requires you to prove that you are an actual human being by typing a short code when you post a comment. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but hopefully it will keep these posts cleaner and easier to navigate for everyone in the long run.

Thu, 01 May 2008


Hi all,

I just moved into a new apartment and most of my life is currently locked away in cardboard boxes, waiting for me to come up with some daring rescue plan involving lots of cleaning, organization and shoving-around of furniture. This process is being further complicated by the fact that I am in my last 10 days of college, and working like a dog to meet those deadlines. Go go gadget graduation!

For about a month, my waiting list for commissions has been closed. Today is the first day that I will be adding new people to the list, and I've already received a few requests from people who apparently had the day I said I'd reopen marked on their calendar. Judging from that, seems like if you want to get a piece of art from me sometime this summer, you should think about submitting the form well ahead of time.

Again, I apologize for any gaps in communication as I go through two major life transitions. Hopefully everything will be settled down again in a few days.

See you on the flip side!

Thu, 10 April 2008

Jujinka 2008 Spring Dream Contest

I entered a dream called the Animation Safari into this year's dream contest. Wish me luck everyone!

If you want to check it out, the dream link is: furc://festival13/

Fri, 28 March 2008

New Website

Three cheers for new domains! Hip hip hooray!

Finally, the promised redesign and new domain!

I commissioned the talented Levi to help me redesign my website layout. She was incredible - even with all my waffling, worrying and general indecision, she had my layout banged out and ready to go in under two hours.

I'm in the process of reformatting and restructuring all of my content to make it work with the new layout, and to make it easier to use and navigate. My old website was a bit of a dinosaur.

Please have patience - I should have everything up and running in a few days, but if you catch a bug I've missed, please let me know.