Eurybia Captain's Manual

Welcome to the Eurybia!

PLEASE NOTE: This manual is for the RP version of the Eurybia, that can be downloaded here. If you are looking for the contest version, please visit the resources page!

Welcome aboard! The Eurybia is a large seafaring galleon, suitable for an evil pirate crew or a lawful ship in a renaissance navy. The dream has been outfitted with a number of special features to make running large RP plots a breeze for storytellers and "dungeon masters". Click on the links below to find what you need to get started quickly.

Installing the Dream
Using the Storyteller's Palette
Managing Crew Permissions
Teleport Commands
Other Commands


What's new?

Installing the Dream

Getting the ship seaworthy

1. The eurybia comes zipped with the following files:,, eurybia.ds,,,,,,,, M1.mid, marbled.pcx, S1.wav, S2.wav, S3.wav, S81.wav, S82.wav, S83.wax, skin.ini,
Check to make sure they are all present.

2. Create a new folder somewhere on your computer. Give it a name like "ship" or "eurybia." Make sure it is easy to find and remember!

3. Unzip all of the files mentioned in step 1 into the folder you just created.

4. Double click on, or open it through the furcadian dream editor.

5. Log in to Furcadia. Move your avatar to a location where dream uploads are allowed.

6. Press ctrl-t. The dream will begin to upload.

Using the Story Palette

Tools for a busy dungeon master

Only those with crew or command level access will be able to access the story telling palette. Open it by clicking on the tiny purple arrow on the bottom left side of the furcadian viewing window. A large number of buttons will become visible across the bottom of the screen. If these become intrusive, simply click the purple arrow again to collapse the menu while you aren't using it.

Bright sunlight. Click this button once to cancel out any and all other weather effects.

The dead of night. Spooky!

The last gloom of twilight before the sun disappears completely over the waves.

The rising sun gleams and sparkles over the waves! A cheerful sight for any sailor who has just braved a midnight hurricane.

Light Rain Showers
Light, refreshing rain, no winds.

Sheets of rain, high winds, occasional lightning, choppy waters

Sheets of rain, high winds, frequent lightning, crashing waves, and eventual flooding above decks.

Repair the ship
Use this button to undo any damage that you've done.

Damage Level 1
The lightest level of damage possible to show on the ship. Look along the sides of the ship for cannon ball impacts.

Damage Level 2
The second level of damage possible to show on the ship. Holes along the side of the ship become more numerous, upper sails become tattered.

Damage Level 3
For when the ship has really taken a pounding. Large amount of holes on the side of the ship, burns on the deck, sails become shredded, rails are smashed, and one of the masts is completely snapped off.

Managing Crew Permissions

Defining who can help you tell your story

There are three levels of access for players aboard the Eurybia. You can change who has what level of access by using the following commands.

@civilian [furre]
All newcomers to the dream begin with the civilian level of access. Civilians have almost no access to the dream's special commands, aside from changing their avatar. You may not actually need to promote crew members beyond this point, if you don't want them mucking with the weather.

@crew [furre]
There is a difference between the crew of your ship and your storytelling crew. Only promote people to this rank if you want them to be able to help you DM ("dungeon master"). People with crew level permissions gain access to the storytelling palette, and will be able to change the weather and adjust the ship's damage level.

@command [furre]
Commanders have access to every command, and are the only players able to promote, demote and ban others. Commanders can also demote one another, so be careful who is given this privilege.

If you are the dream owner or have shared access (shared access is basically useless -everything is currently run on Phoenix speak - except for this particular command and the ability to emit) this will instantly grant you command access, which you will need to use the other commands in the dream.

@ban [furre]
Command level access only! Will permanently remove someone from the dream.

@unban [furre]
Command level access only! Allows someone that had been previously banned to reenter the dream.

Teleport commands

Getting around in the blink of an eye

The following commands can be used to get around the dream quickly:
@captain, @deck, @gundeck, @mess, @jail, @cargo1, @cargo2, @crew

Other Commands

Miscellaneous Stuff

Toggles the possibility of slipping on flooded decks on and off, to prevent it from interrupting RP

Redundant command, in case you do not wish to use the provided button for one reason or another. Changes males to male local species, females to the female local species, and randomly assigns those of unspecified gender to either a male or female local species avatar.

Allows anyone of any gender to use the male local species

Allows anyone of any gender to use the female local species

Changes a furre back to their original species

Try this command if you don't have time to swab the decks by hand.

Some doors can be locked if you stand in front of them, including the captain's quarters and jail cells.

A basically useless command to toggle the size of the figurehead

Raises and lowers the plank

@place-item (Item #)
If you need an object fast for a RP situation, use this command to have it placed at your feet. Great for DMing. Only people with command level control may use this feature.

Get rid of the object directly in front of you. USE WITH CAUTION! Only people with command level control may use this feature.


Where'd it all come from?

Dream weaving and new patch items by Safiye
Cannon sound effect from
Thunder sound effect from
Sea Gull sound effect from
Rat squeak sound effect from
Additional Ocean Noises from

Dream and patch copyright Safiye 2008. You are welcome to edit, but please, be respectful: always give credit where appropriate, never claim to be the original artist, do not redistribute it without permission, and never EVER resell any of my patches or dreams under any circumstances.