Recent News

Sat, 12 September 2009

A winnar is me!

The dream I hurriedly slapped together, with the help of my partner in crime Gen-Rah, just took second place in the Master's category of the summer dream contest. It's still up for the next week if you want to check it out. The title is "Morningbrook." In a few days, perhaps I'll upload the patches that were made for it. Also, added some reviews to my front page, since the testimonials page was so buried no one ever found it, and added a bunch of pictures to the galleries.

Fri, 11 September 2009

Commissions Open

This is one of those very rare times when my wait list is getting short. Reserve your space now before it fills back up again. Turn around should be quite fast.

Mon, 23 February 2009

Second month of the year, second site redesign!

My old site was almost completely unuseable in IE, and I'm just now getting around to making a version that IE users can see. I do this only grudgingly, though. Get a real browser, you darn kids! But this is also giving me the opportunity to start integrating some javascript into the site, which should make it a nicer place for everyone to visit. Even those people who already had real browsers.