Only use this form if you are making a serious commission inquiry. General comments and questions should be sent using the appropriate form. Please already be familiar with the terms and conditions. Remember that the only method of payment accepted is paypal in USD.

Portraits begin at $30.

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Detailed Character Description
Include things like desired costume, accessories, anthro/feral/human/elvish/etc., hair color and style, wings, and anything else that might be relevant. If you don't tell me you want something, I won't know to draw it! I greatly appreciate a clear description, even moreso than reference pictures!
Special Remapping Instructions
For instance, if your character has wings and you'd like them to remap to the color you chose for your cape, say that here. If you have requested a partially remapping portrait, you must describe what you want to remap and to what, and what you do not want to remap in detail so that I can tell you if it is possible using the furcadian color palette!
Reference Pic URL:
Reference Pic URL:
Reference Pic URL:
Reference Pic URL:
Reference Pic URL:
Color Code
If you have a particular set of colors that you normally use for your avatar, please enter the color code below to aid me in testing the port. You can find the code by opening your character's ini file in a text editing program. It will be the jumble of letters and numbers after "Colors=" and before "Spec=". Highlight it and paste it here.

Example: Colors=t00K>A,,:7-

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Looking forward to working with you!