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Like most artists, art is something that has always been in my life. I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil, animating as soon as I knew how to fold paper into booklets, and doing pixel art (and 2D computer animtion) as soon as I had the motor skills to work a mouse. These are passions that have stayed with me throughout my life, and now at the age of 23 I have an art degree and a magical WACOM tablet I love like life itself.

I am currently a professional artist specializing in pixel art game sprites, digitial painting, and website design/analytics consulting. A handful of my clients are private individuals from Furcadia seeking portraits or custom art for their dreams, and occasionally even the maker's of Furcadia itself, Dragon's Eye Productions; for examples of my "official" Furcadian work, check out the KitterToast Portraits or the Peacock/Lovebird avatars and portraits.

I have been playing Furcadia for over a decade, at first just as a rebel RPer of human characters in a world of anthropomorphic animals. More recently I was made an Elder of the Pixel Beekins, a volunteer force devoted to teaching furcadians the specialized graphic skills they need to make beautiful patches and portraits; though I'll also teach you about advanced aspects of Dragonspeak and Dreamweaving, too!

When not doing pixel art, I am usually found writing, caring for my two Guinea Pigs, or teaching belly dance classes.

When possible, I prefer to forego black outlines, and give furres a stronger resemblance to their feral cousins than to "humans with noses." I feel this gives my work a distinctive, realistic style. Hope to work with you soon!