Terms & Conditions

for all commissions

When a buyer enters into a commission with the artist, they agree to these terms. Please read thoroughly before contacting the artist for a commission.

1) Commissions are accepted At Will. The artist reserves the right to refuse any commission for any reason, including but not limited to commissions being closed, having too many active commissions or too long a wait list, inappropriate subject matter, or the buyer's poor attitude or reputation.

  1. If the artist is unable to finish work due to reasons beyond her control, the buyer will have the option of purchasing any finished portion of the work (if the commission was for multiple pieces, such as patch items) for an adjusted price.
  2. If a buyer harasses the artist, ignores these rules despite warnings, argues about a previously agreed upon price, or refuses to provide payment when requested within the allotted time frame, then the commission will be fully cancelled and the commissioner will forfeit all paid funds; no work will be sent to the buyer and no refund will be issued. Buyer may be blacklisted.
  3. Buyers who do not reply to emails or alternate forms of contact will be considered to have cancelled their commission if after one month they do not make any method of direct contact - third parties are not acceptable. Any and all funds paid will not be refunded. If paid for in advance, any finished work will be available to the commissioner in digital form upon request if later contact is made. If unpaid before contact is broken, the artist will re-list that piece as for sale to the public. Buyer may be blacklisted.
  4. The artist reserves the right to cancel any commission if she judges it to be causing too much stress to her. Refunds will be issued for work not completed.

2) Completing a commission request form does not mean that the artist has automatically accepted the commission. A commission should not be considered "accepted" until:

  1. The artist has received all details pertaining to the work required,
  2. The artist has offered the buyer a price quote, and the buyer has confirmed,
  3. The artist has acknowledged the buyer's acceptance and either given an estimated start and end date or informed the buyer of their position in the waiting list.

3) Either party may cancel without penalty while the commission is still in the waiting list, so long as proper notification has been provided.

4) Buyers who have been in the wait list for more two weeks will be contacted when they reach "the front of the line" for confirmation that the commission is still desired and can be paid for. Buyers are expected to respond promptly (within a few days) or the person behind them will be given the open slot, and the buyer must wait for the slot to reopen for their next chance to advance. This is to keep the wait list moving steadily. In some cases, the unresponsive buyer may be sent to the end of the wait list. Commission will be cancelled if no contact has been made within a month.

5) A buyer that cancels during an active commission (one that is already being worked on) may be blacklisted. The work they requested may be completed and relisted as for sale at the discretion of the artist.

6) The artist will not, under any circumstances, draw mature/adult artwork

  1. What is "adult" is judged by the artist, decisions final.
  2. Tasteful nudity may be acceptable for commissioners over 18.
  3. Requests for furcadian portraits must always be in line with DEP's portrait guidelines. However, because some of the rules are highly subjective, if for some unlikely reason your portrait is rejected, the artist will work with you to change minor details that may help it to be accepted. If it is still not accepted after a second submission, there will be no refunds. Non-acceptance does not reverse the amount of time and energy the artist spent on making your image to your specifications.
  4. Some exceptions to rule 6c above may be made in the case of portraits meant for use as part of a personal dream patch, where DEP's upload guidelines do not apply. If it is your intent to use a potrait in this way, please make this clear when contacting.

7) Descriptions of desired artworks should be limited to pertinent details. The artist does not need or want to know about your character's poor relationship with its mother, etc. unless you are asking her to reflect this in the image.

8) Please familiarize yourself with the artist's style and drawing preferences before submitting a request for commission. Do not expect to get work of a calibur that is far beyond what you can find on her sample pages, or of a drastically different style. Requests for "anime", "manga" or "chibi" styles will be deleted without notice as they are obviously not within the artist's range of interest or skill.

9) Until the commission is paid for in full, the commissioner will only receive work with prominent watermarks or some other form of interference to prevent theft.

10) Artwork done by the artist is copyright to the artist unless the buyer also purchases the copyright of the image. What you are generally commissioning/buying are "use" rights, but not reproduction rights.

  1. Commissioned images may be used, by the buyer, for personal avatars (such as forums or blogs), personal (non-commercial) website layouts, and other personal, private, non-commercial uses.
  2. The price of purchasing the copyright may vary based on the intended use. Please speak with the artist if interested.
  3. Digital works may not under any circumstances be resold or redistributed by the commissioner without the handwritten consent of the artist, unless the commissioner also purchased the copyright.
  4. The artist ALWAYS retrains the right to display commissioned artworks as samples for the consideration of future commissioners.

11) The buyer understands that they are paying not only for the artwork and materials used (if any), but also for the artist's time spent working.